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A New Approach

To Cold Drinks

What We Offer

Eliminate Messy Cooler and Never Enough Bags Of Ice

Catering Refrigeration

We provide a unit anywhere you need to store items that need to be kept cold, chilled or frozen.

Fully Stocked Cold Drinks

We bring a fully stocked unit that includes water, sports drinks, soda, etc., to your event. There's no need to keep adding bags of ice throughout the day.

Onsite Vendor

As a vendor, we will provide cold bottled drinks at your event. You never have the worry of not having cold drinks for patrons at the end of the day.

Donate To The Community

With your donation, we will purchase bottle water, cool it, and dispense it to the event/group of your choice (school/sporting event, homeless shelter/organization, etc...)

Our Equipment
We can keep items from chilled to cold to frozen if needed.

Our equipment is designed to be versatile and able to provide cold storage with little to no effort on your part. Once the unit is loaded, in a very short time, we can have your drink items chilled. And because of the advanced technology of our equipment, we can continuously keep them cold without the need to add bags of ice to the cooler or running back to the refrigerator in TimBuckto or who knows how far away from your event.

Recommended Ounces Of Water or Drinks By Age Per Day

4-8 Years Old

9-13 Years Old

14-18 Years Old

19 and Up Women

19 and Up Men

  • Kick Rocks bags of Ice!

    We have never been so happy before. Lets Rock and Roll without the hassle! NCNBI are fit for any of your events!
  • Kick Rocks Coolers!

    Have you ever really counted the number of bags of ice it takes to get through your event?
Our Price

Eliminate your website building stress

Onsite Service

1000 Bottles Of Water 
4 Hours Onsite
1 Person To Assist
100 Miles Of Fort Worth

Catering Service

1-Unit Onsite  
Training On Unit Operation
Delivery and Pickup Of Unit 
100 Miles Of Fort Worth

Customized Service

Sporting Events 
Festivals / Parades 
Grand Openings
100 Miles Of Fort Worth 

**For events outside of 100 mile radius of Fort Worth(76131) additional charges apply


Please feel free to contact us about any questions or request you may have.